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Thermal Barrier Solution

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NEW! Thermal Barrier Blanket for Commercial Building Applications

Today’s building code requirements for Type I – IV commercial buildings specify that foam plastic insulation products applied to interior space exposed or adjacent to human occupancy, need to be covered with an approved thermal barrier. Gypsum wallboard is the most common approved thermal barrier covering the spray foam insulation installed between studs in the interior wall cavity.

Fi-Foil Thermal Barrier Blanket is high-performance thermal barrier alternative that meets the criteria for NPFA 285. The Thermal Barrier Blanket has been approved for use over Icynene Classic (LD-C-50) open cell spray foam in commercial installations. The approved thermal barrier:

  • Offers an aesthetic upgrade over intumescent spray-on thermal barrier coatings
  • Delivers 40% sound absorption when installed over 5.5 inches of Icynene Classic spray foam insulation
  • Provides a cost effective alternative to a conventional mineral fiber drop ceiling system where Icynene Classic spray foam insulation has been installed under the roof deck.

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