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ProSeal HFO CW

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High-performance medium-density spray foam

Icynene ProSeal HFO CW lets you continue spraying in cold weather as low as 14oF! Offering a very low global warming potential (GWP), this closed-cell product stands out with features:

• Sprayable at temperatures as low as 14 F

• Improved average yield compared to Icynene ProSeal CW

• R-6.8 per inch at 3.5 inches

• Low GWP (global warming potential) of 1

• Honeywell Solstice HFO blowing agent

• Higher R-value achieved in two back-to-back, 3.5" passes, overall R-38

Reduce Global Warming Potential

Icynene ProSeal HFO CW spray foam insulation aims to help reduce its global warming impact, a measure of how much heat a substance can trap in the atmosphere. With a GWP of 1, Icynene ProSeal HFO CW is a smarter solution for those seeking an environmentally sound and responsible option in their commercial and residential designs.