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Value Engineering

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Spray Foam Insulation & Value Engineering

The catchall term “value engineering” describes a studied approach to reducing building costs without compromising quality. Value engineering entails comparing a range of construction methods and materials to determine the most cost-effective means of obtaining a desired structural, aesthetic, or durability standard. Spray foam insulation and value engineering come together when designing an energy efficient solution where teams work towards optimal comfort and lowering operational costs over the long-term.

What does ‘value’ mean in building design? Value may come with achieving LEED Platinum certification where the value engineering process would entail analyzing every design, specification, and construction method chosen with an eye to finding the least costly means to achieve this certification. Value engineering is not a synonym for cheap building – it means reducing costs while completing the construction in the best way.

For example, if you can achieve an energy-efficiency goal by either increasing insulation values or heating equipment efficiency, you would design and price the structure both ways, including all related impacts, such as the deeper wall cavities required for more insulation and even the larger trim required for the doors and windows in those thicker walls and extra drywall and paint, in addition to the added cost of more insulation. Then compare this fully extrapolated cost to the similarly extrapolated cost of higher-efficiency equipment.

Spray foam insulation and value engineering can work together for any building to provide savings during the construction process as well as once the building is operational.