Why Use Spray Foam Insulation instead of XPS Rigid Foam Board


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Spray Foam vs XPS Rigid Board

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Icynene ProSeal and ProSeal Eco closed-cell spray foams are medium density continuous insulation solutions that outperform XPS rigid board on every level. From cost to performance to design capabilities, they are the superior choice.

When comparing exterior air barrier wall assemblies in commercial design, it’s common for designs to specify a rigid XPS foam board solution. Yet, when compared to high performance closed-cell spray foam insulation products, such as Icynene ProSeal and ProSeal Eco continuous insulations, you will benefit from:

  • An ideal solution for curved and uniquely shaped surfaces enabling you to lead with design innovation
  • Cost reductions due to less labor and fewer materials compared to XPS rigid board.

One Product. Three solutions.
Insulation | Air Barrier  | Vapor Retarder

Icynene Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Rigid XPS Foam Board

All in one product – insulation, air barrier and vapor retarder

Requires addition of air barrier material driving higher installed cost for assembly

Tight seal over minimal required wall penetrations (brick ties) Chemical blowing agent with higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) of over 1000
ProSeal Eco is 100% Green Mechanical fastening creates numerous wall penetrations

Rigid XPS Foam Board

Difficult to install on curved surfaces

Less labor and less material waste


Easily applied to curved surfaces


Less construction waste


Steel Framing Cost Comparison – Exterior Walls

Our closed-cell spray foam insulation products provide a tight seal over minimal required wall penetrations (brick ties). Rigid XPS typically requires the addition of an air barrier material, mechanical fastening creating numerous wall penetrations and taping at every joint. When you compare to rigid XPS foam board, you will find that installed costs using Icynene closed-cell spray foam insulation will be lower.

CMU Exterior Block Walls Cost Comparison

Closed-cell spray foam insulation will smoothly and completely cover all areas that could otherwise provide energy draining thermal bridges. The end result is a total high performance wall assembly solution that can enhance and work with virtually any architectural design approach. Specifying Icynene closed-cell spray foam instead of rigid XPS foam board lets you reduce labor costs and remain on schedule.

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