Spray Foam Insulation Cost in Commercial Construction


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Spray Foam Insulation Cost

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Stay On Budget With Spray Foam Insulation

For commercial construction, spray foam insulation costs can help allow architectural firms to stay on budget without compromising performance, energy efficiency or thermal comfort. Whether choosing to specify closed cell spray foam insulation, open cell spray foam insulation or both in your commercial construction project, spray foam insulation costs are comparable to other products on the market.

Exterior Applications

Whether used in steel framed wall or on CMU concrete blocks, closed cell spray foam insulation in commercial construction offers a lower installed cost per square foot compared to a rigid XPS foam board system. Closed-cell spray foam insulation offers:

  • all-in-one continuous insulation and air barrier
  • reduced labor required
  • reduced material wastage
  • ability to completely cover all areas that could otherwise provide energy draining thermal bridges

Interior Applications

Open-cell spray foam insulation allows architectural firms to design cost effective, energy efficient commercial buildings. Low density spray foam can be installed at a significantly lower cost to target the same R-value* specification required by the building code.

Open-cell spray foam insulation requires less material than closed cell spray foam insulation, making it an ideal and cost effective solution for use within the interior of commercial construction designs.

number of drums of open-cell need vs closed-cell


* R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Compare insulation R-values before you buy. There are other factors to consider. The amount of insulation you need depends mainly on the climate you live in. Also, your fuel savings from insulation will depend upon the climate, the type and size of your house, the amount of insulation already in your house, and your fuel use patterns and family size. If you buy too much insulation, it will cost you more than what you'll save on fuel. To get the marked R-value, it is essential that this insulation be installed properly.

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