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June 2013

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Living green is fast becoming a top priority for homeowners across the U.S.  The increase in requests by homeowners who are becoming knowledgeable in what energy efficient products are available has seen more builders and architects readily offer these services.

Icynene's Betsy Cosper spoke to Steve Ducharme from NextGen Home about spray foam insulation and its benefits recently. The interview covers a range of topics, application possibilities as well as the product itself the immediate and long-term benefits that not only architects can take advantage of but also their residential and commercial clients.

The U.S Senate Finance Committee recently released a report which detailed options for reform to the federal tax incentives regarding energy. The report “Infrastructure, Energy and Natural Resource: Senate Finance Committee Staff Tax Reform Options for Discussion”  identifies a series of reform principles within the energy sector. Within the Energy and Natural Resources section, the principles include:

While there are many types of spray foam insulation products available on the market, it’s important to ensure your project uses quality products installed by industry professionals who are trained in the correct application of this highly technical product. Spray foam insulation contractors should be able to answer any of your questions about which product is right for your project.

A growing number of production home builders are including specifications that make their house designs energy efficient and green. These homes are sprouting up across the nation bringing green living within reach of the average homeowner.