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June 2013

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Using open-cell spray foam can help provide sustainable, high-performance buildings that gives a tremendous return-on-investment over the long term. As well as offering energy efficiency and moisture management, open-cell spray foam insulation can aid in the whole building design. Optimizing building envelope performance considers how all building components interact.

Although industry insiders are well aware of the benefits surrounding spray foam insulation, an increasing number of homeowners and business owners are hearing about how spray foam insulation can work for them. With its energy efficiency benefits, air-sealing and thermal comfort properties, interest in spray foam insulation is growing across North America. 

In the immediate aftermath of extreme weather situations such as hurricanes and flooding, it is necessary to assess the extent of the damage, extent of contamination, proper clean up requirements, when rebuilding/repairs can begin and flood resistance design strategies.

It is important, following extreme weather events that cause flooding, to assume that water is almost always contaminated. It may be highly likely that the incoming water contains contaminants such as:

US Congress recently announced that the Energy Efficient Tax Credit has been extended. The news is a fantastic result for any homeowners and builders looking to include energy efficient insulation in their homes.