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March 2014

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What’s the cost of Icynene spray foam insulation?

Icynene spray foam insulation is one brand that builders and homeowners choose due to its ability to deliver on performance, quality and reputation.

Does spray foam insulation cost more than fiberglass and cellulose

While spray foam insulation typically costs more than fibreglass and cellulose, it’s important to recognize the return on investment that Icynene spray foam insulation offers your clients over the long term.

What is the price of Icynene spray foam insulation and can I afford it?

Wondering what the price of spray foam insulation is and whether or not you can afford to have it in your home? Get the answer here and find your nearest licensed spray foam contractor.

Reduce Heating and Cooling bills with Icynene spray foam insulation

An increasing number of Canadians are seeking cost effective ways to tackle rising utility bills. The answer may be in their walls.

ANSI approves National HERS Index as a Standard

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced approval of a National HERS Index Standard according to RESNET.