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May 2014

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Global Warming Potential can have a significant impact on the environment - choose a spray foam with a low GWP

We hear the term Global Warming Potential often in the spray foam insulation industry. But what is it? And how can it play an important role in your commercial construction projects? We take a look at what Global Warming Potential means and why it's important for you to think about.

Homeowners and commercial building owners can curb rising utility costs by using products like Icynene spray foam insulation

Did you know that Renewable Energy only accounts for 9% of the energy source consumed by Americans and that petroleum is number 1 at a whopping 36%? This new infographic shows how we as Americans are using electricity both at home and at work.

Czech production plant uses Icynene light density spray foam insulation

Specializing in the production of prefabricated ‘Living Buildings’, a licensed spray foam insulation contractor in the Czech Republic, built their own production plant in the heart of the South Morvian Region

Spray foam insulation: Installed insulation costs vs. Potential realized costs

When you consider the significant cost savings that spray foam insulation offers, its easy to understand why an increasing number of builders, architects and designers deem it their preferred insulation choice. Consider how the potential savings of using spray foam insulation in your next project can offset the initial investment.

Use Icynene spray foam insulation for home improvement and cut your monthly heating and cooling bills

Utility bills are on the rise across North America and homeowners are seeking more money saving options to curb the rise in their monthly costs. Spray foam insulation is one solution that you as a building professional can suggest to meet that requirement.