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8 Questions to Ask Spray Insulation Contractors

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Your Insulation Contractor Should Provide Guidance & Recommendations

Spray insulation contractors within Icynene’s global network are fantastic sources of knowledge thanks to the comprehensive training and testing they complete with Icynene. Spray insulation contractors can provide you with guidance and recommendations as to what is the best spray foam product to use within your next building design – whether it’s a commercial project or residential.
Below are some questions you can ask your licensed Icynene spray insulation contractor:

  1. How many buildings in the area have you installed this product in?
  2. Can you provide any references?
  3. Do you offer a lifetime warranty, and how does it compare to your competitors’?
  4. Can you show me your manufacturer certification?
  5. Are you bonded and carrying workers’ compensation & liability insurance?
  6. Will you do the work yourselves, or subcontract it?
  7. How much experience and training do your installers have?
  8.  Who is responsible for getting permits? 

Qualified and knowledgeable spray insulation contractors will be able to provide you with this information and more if they have been expertly trained and licensed. If you have doubts about the competency of the contractor you have hired, then search for a licensed Icynene contractor who will be able to answer your queries. It is this kind of support that can give you confidence you’ll get the best spray foam insulation in your building design.

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