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Agricultural Project Profile: Kiernan Pig Farms

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Agricultural spray foam insulation application of Icynene Classic Plus

As one of Ireland's largest pork suppliers, Kiernan Pig Farms, launched a major refurbishment project across a number of their piggery sites to improve thermal comfort and address condensation control.

Critical factors for successful pig production and animal husbandry are: optimal animal comfort, health, growth and productivity. Barns and sheds must be able to maintain steady indoor temperatures to achieve these factors.  To ensure that their facilities were able to provide steady thermal comfort as well as address condensation concerns, Kiernan Pig Farms asked their local Irish licensed Icynene contractor, to provide a cost effective, high-performance solution.

With a number of the shed roofs requiring minor repairs and being too expensive to replace completely, it was recommended that Icynene Classic Plus be used to seal the underside of the roof structure. As an open-cell spray foam, Icynene Classic Plus has an ability to expand and contract with the natural movement of the roof. Additionally, the insulation material would allow the roof timber to breathe naturally while its air sealing capabilities would help block out allergens and pollutants from entering the space.

The first, of nine stages, was completed over a two week period, covering approximately 2,200 square meters of roof space with Icynene Classic Plus. It is estimated that the inclusion of Icynene spray foam insulation into the pig farms will reduce energy loss by up to 48%.

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