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Are production homes becoming more energy efficient?

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A growing number of production home builders are including specifications that make their house designs energy efficient and green. These homes are sprouting up across the nation bringing green living within reach of the average homeowner.

At the 2012 EEBA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, production home builders from across the United States and Canada came together to share ideas about green living, green products such as insulation and how to go about including the specifications for these materials into their designs.

From SIPS wall systems to energy efficient HVAC systems, builders, architects and others within the housing industry came together to share and understand how energy efficiency is making a difference in what consumers are buying and their spending habits. Amongst the conversations and the information sessions, it has become more apparent that production builders are now offering their clients more in the way of green, energy efficient homes.

Spray foam insulation is one such material that can make a significant contribution to green living. Production builders including the specifications for spray foam insulation have realized that this modern material not only insulates but also air seals and offers their clients the opportunity to make significant savings over the long-term on their heating and cooling costs.

The 2012 EEBA Conference may have been a prelude of what is to come in 2013 and beyond. The conference stays in Arizona moving slightly south to Phoenix where the conversation of green living in production homes is almost certain to continue and new ideas are shared.

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