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Avoiding installation problems with the right insulation contractors

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The use of spray foam insulation in commercial and residential projects has grown exponentially globally. While ‘spray foam insulation’ has become synonymous with ‘Icynene’, it’s wise to do your homework and ensure your insulation contractors are using the right product. Imitation products that have been falsely represented as an Icynene product have resulted in building owners spending more money in having the right product installed.

By searching for local licensed Icynene insulation contractors, you can avoid these problems which you may experience with other, non-licensed installers:

  • Spray foam quality is poor
  • Foam has not been applied correctly to local building code requirements
  • Spots within the building envelope have been missed, not air sealing the building optimally
  • Design plans were not comprehensively understood hence too much or too little foam was sprayed
  • Foam does not adhere properly and shrinks
  • Vapor barrier was not applied correctly or to the right side
  • Inferior products were used

By using Icynene’s licensed contractor locator, you can rest assured you will be working with a licensed Icynene contractor who has completed comprehensive training and testing so that they can apply our products correctly the first time and every time.

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