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Being the best in class with spray foam

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School districts, although often limited by budget, seek the best in class when it comes to their school buildings so that both teaching staff and their students are given the best opportunity to teach and learn.  A comfortable and positive environment can contribute to students excelling in their learning and their teachers enjoying their workplace.

Architects and designers have an opportunity to create modern, energy efficient school designs by specifying the best materials and concepts available. The best school insulation, for instance, may be determined by other energy efficient concepts in the design or it may help instigate other energy efficient considerations in the design.

Icynene spray foam insulation can help create a comfortable and positive learning environment.

Inclusion of a white roof can help improve a building’s energy efficiency due to the amount of heat and light being deflected away from the building. The white roof helps the HVAC system work far more efficiently thereby reducing heating and cooling expenses for the school. Another alternative is to consider a green roof.  The City of Toronto, for instance, has used green roofs throughout the city’s infrastructure and found that green roofs not only enhance biodiversity in urban areas but also improves air quality and emissions as well as energy consumption.

Using either of these concepts together with the best school insulation available, architects have can create a highly efficient building. Including the insulation specifications for schools into a design allows architects to not only specify the best school insulation but also be able to use it in conjunction with a white roof or green roof concept for a highly efficient space.

Including insulation specifications for schools into an energy efficient design will help school districts achieve their goals of creating an energy efficient building, establishing a positive and comfortable learning environment all while maintaining their limited budgets. Insulation specifications for schools and other commercial buildings can be found online. Icynene’s Building Science team is also available to discuss any unique features of your school or commercial building design.

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