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Benefits of Spray Foam in LEED Design

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LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a green building program that is gaining greater traction amongst designers and their clients. The program, designed to quantify the environmental benefit in green building strategies through a rating system, awards a building with certification label. Two LEED rating systems, LEED for Schools and LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations, are two in which spray foam insulation products can play a key role in acquiring the vital points needed for certification.

The LEED for Schools rating system recognizes the unique nature of the design and construction of K-12 schools. It addresses issues such as classroom acoustics, master planning, mold prevention and environmental site assessment. Similarly, the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovation is a rating system for buildings that distinguishes high-performance buildings that have less of an impact on the environment, are healthier for those living or working in the building and are more profitable than their conventional counterparts.

The key contributions of Icynene include energy efficiency for reduced greenhouse gas emissions, healthier indoor environments, reduced materials usage, safer formulas and, in the United States, the option to choose a renewably based formula. Each of these contributions are considered in the calculation of LEED points. Icynene’s range of products qualifies for LEED points in the categories:

Energy and Atmosphere

Innovation & Design

Materials & Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality

Icynene’s team of building science experts can help architects and designers better understand how Icynene spray foam can aid in acquiring vital LEED credits.

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