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Building the best team of spray insulation contractors

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When it comes to ensuring your project has the best materials, it’s wise to do your research into products that can perform over the long term. With the right people to install these materials, you can be assured that your design will last – and perform – consistently. Icynene has been manufactured here in North American for more than 25 years in an ISO 9001-2008 accredited facility. Since this time, we have been able to build the best team of spray insulation contractors to ensure that our products are installed the right way every time.

Trained Spray Insulation Contractors

Did you know that every Icynene spray foam contractor must complete comprehensive training and pass a practical test prior to becoming a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor? Furthermore, our technical team works closely with our contractor network providing them with advice and guidance on:

  • Best practices
  • How to install the product in unusual situations
  • State building code requirements as well as other technical support including Health and Safety

It is this kind of support that can give you confidence you’ll get the best spray foam insulation in your building design. Find your nearest Icynene licensed contractor by using our convenient locator.

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