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Compare closed cell spray foam insulation to rigid foam board

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Icynene in a continuous insulation application - Icynene ProSeal

If you are deliberating on the use of closed cell spray foam insulation and rigid foam board like XPS in your upcoming commercial design project, take a look at the differences and advantages of both. The following video identifies why a premium product like Icynene closed cell spray foam insulation is a faster, better and cheaper solution in continuous insulation applications.

Now, compare closed cell spray foam insulation to rigid foam board in the table below. The advantages of closed cell spray foam are clear.  When compared to traditional alternatives available in the market, Icynene’s portfolio of closed-cell spray foam insulation products - Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco - offer a complete, cost-effective and superior performance solution for exterior commercial wall construction.



An all-in-one product: Insulation, air barrier and vapor retarder

Requires addition of air barrier material which drives higher installed cost for assembly

Tight and complete seal over minimal required wall penetrations (brick ties)

Mechanical fastening creates numerous wall penetrations

Lower installed cost for a superior air barrier assembly

Requires separate air barrier (self-adhered or fluid applied)

Easily applied to curved surfaces

Flat board panels - difficult to install on curved surfaces

Less labor and less material waste Requires taping at every joint


On the building exterior, Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco closed-cell spray foam insulation both provide a high-performance all-in-one continuous insulation and air barrier solution for the outer surface of sheathing on a framed wall. Watch the video below to discover more on the performance and application advantages of Icynene closed cell spray foam.



Interested in learning more? Access the free white paper “The Performance Benefits of using Medium Density Spray Foam in Continuous Insulation Applications”  below.

Click here to access the White Paper

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