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Comparing rigid foam board to spray foam insulation – White Paper

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Continuous Insulation Application with Icynene closed cell spray foam insulation

In regards to exterior continuous insulation, comparisons between of rigid foam insulation board and membrane materials (self-adhered or liquid – such as spray foam insulation) are often made. 

Techniques for insulating exterior walls in commercial buildings have received considerable attention in recent years for a number of valid reasons. Energy codes are requiring higher thermal performance values in walls, particularly in the form of exterior continuous insulation. This construction approach dramatically increases the effective thermal performance of a wall since most thermal bridging is eliminated, resulting in increased wall energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

For example, the proper use of an exterior continuous insulation system would result in the elimination of large thermal bridges that often plague a building, such as perimeter concrete floor edges and exposed concrete and steel structural columns and beams.

With R-values for Icynene’s medium density products ranging from R-4.9 to R-7 per inch* of thickness, spray foam typically meets or exceeds the thermal performance of comparable thickness rigid foam insulation board products.

Icynene’s latest white paper “The Performance Benefits of using Medium Density Spray Foam in Continuous Insulation Applications” compares rigid foam to spray foam insulation and highlights why medium density spray foam is the superior choice in exterior continuous insulation applications.

 Access and read the entire white paper by clicking the link below!

Click here to access the White Paper

* Aged Thermal Resistance at 1 inch according to ATSM C 518

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