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Continuous Insulation & Weather Barriers - Building Science Webinar

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Closed cell spray foam is a smart option for use in continuous insulation applications

North American architectural firms with focus on commercial design and construction can gain an understanding in how to 'future proof' their design approach. In Fall 2015, Icynene's VP Engineering Paul Duffy presented a webinar on continuous insulation and weather barriers. Watch the webinar for free below by clicking the link.

About the Webinar
Recent changes to Building Codes such as the IBC and IRC have been significant and substantial. Over the last 10 years we have witnessed the “Codification” of new requirements for Continuous Insulation, Air Barriers, Vapor Retarders and Water Resistive Barriers plus a proliferation of new materials, tests and quality assurance procedures. What does this mean for design? What does this mean for construction? Where are we going and why? Starting from a Building Science and Materials Science basis, this presentation will attempt to sort through the sometimes confusing requirements, suggesting design approaches with a view to simplifying and improving the likelihood of successful projects.


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