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Deterring potential roof problems in Houston with spray foam insulation

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Pests are deterred from nesting in attics since Icynene spray foam offers no food value

Houston homeowners are being warned about the potential influx of uninvited guests – rodents. News source, recently said that the Houston area has seen an influx of rodents nesting in the roofs of homes particularly in the Memorial, River Oaks, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands and Clear Lake areas.

Spray foam insulation is one way Houston homeowners can avoid these unwelcome guests avoid potential roof problems in the future. Not considered a food source for rodents, spray foam insulation in Houston-area homes deters these pests from nesting in the home. The source said that the rats are looking to stay high and dry climbing through the smallest cracks to create a home. Rats and other pests nesting in warm roof spaces to escape the cold weather outside can potentially cause homeowners serious problems, including:

  • Gnawing through cables and wires to cause electrical short circuiting
  • Creating an unhealthy environment due to their waste and droppings
  • Inviting other pests to nest in the space too

Houston homeowners can avoid these roof problems with spray insulation installed as well as help create a more energy efficient and healthier indoor living environment.  Homes in the Houston area with spray foam insulation are less likely to have overworked HVAC systems since the material acts as both an insulation material and air barrier.  The conditioned air is kept in by the air barrier and the HVAC system can perform optimally without excessive energy consumption.

Aside from avoiding roof problems, homeowners that opt for spray foam insulation in their home will be able to reduce their heating bills by as much as 50%, ideal particularly since the current cold weather encourages many to turn the furnace up higher.

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