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Does spray foam insulation cost more than fiberglass and cellulose?

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Does spray foam insulation cost more than fiberglass and cellulose

Although behind the wall, insulation is one of the most important investments in any residential or commercial project that your client can make. More often than not, the argument for or against spray foam insulation is affected by cost. While spray foam insulation does cost more than fibreglass and cellulose, it’s important to recognize the return on investment that Icynene spray foam insulation offers your clients.

An article in the Chicago Tribune identifies spray foam insulation as a more complex system that is applied as a liquid that can fill in every crack and seam consistently while fibreglass need to be cut carefully to fit the cavities. This can leave gaps which allow vast amounts of air to escape. 

It’s these gaps in the inconsistent coverage of fiberglass that can have a significant impact on the daily energy consumption, and therefore the building’s heating and cooling costs.  It’s believed that all the gaps left by fiberglass insulation allows enough air escape an average American home to fill two air blimps – every day.  This kind of inconsistency in performance also applies to cellulose since it can impacted by gravity and moisture which hinders its performance.

Does spray foam insulation cost more than fiberglass or cellulose? When you consider the amount of air escaping from poorly insulated fiberglass buildings (and the costs associated with an overworked HVAC system) together with the factors that can affect performance such as moisture, mold potential and gravity against the performance consistency and return on investment value of spray foam insulation, then the cost of spray foam insulation is a wise investment for any building owner.

Remember that variables such as spray foam type, labor and quantity do have an impact on the initial investment price, your clients have the opportunity to use an energy efficient product that provides savings as much as 50%^ on every monthly heating and cooling bills. No other insulation product can provide such a saving.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.


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