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"Exciting developments" expected for US high performance building industry

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Spray foam insulation can help create a net zero home.

Earlier this month, the Portland/Seattle based green builder, Hammer & Hand made 10 predictions for the US high performance building industry. Covering topics ranging from building codes to ventiliation systems to interests and influence from Europe and China, the predictions by the builder, if true, may have a significant impact on the rest of the building industry.

The green builder developed the predictions with co-leader of Passive House Institute US’ national builders training program, Dan Whitmore and building consultant, Skylar Swinford. The predictions, as released by Hammer & Hand, include:

  1. Focus will move beyond Net Zero Energy to Net Positive Energy buildings
  2. Market mechanisms that reward energy conservation and renewable energy production will flourish
  3. Building energy codes will move away from prescriptive rules toward performance-based measures
  4. CO2 heat pumps will help transform heating and cooling performance
  5. US-made high performance windows will continue to make high performance building easier
  6. Builders and designers of high performance homes will design ventilation systems with a focus on quality of ventilation rather than just quantity
  7. The US-led move to make Passive House more climate-specific will improve performance at both micro and macro levels
  8. Passive House competition will result in better software tools for high performance building practitioners
  9. Europe’s push to eliminate thermal bridges in buildings will make high performance building more mainstream in the US, too
  10. China’s interest in high performance building will propel US market

Each of the predictions go into further detail and can be found here. Spray foam insulation can play a major role in creating a netzero home and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with its air sealing qualities. Icynene spray foam insulation helps reduce energy comsumption and overworking HVAC systems by creating an air barrier.

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