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Experience Matters - Choose An Experienced Spray Foam Installer

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Work with a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor

Last week we discussed tips to consider when choosing open cell or closed cell spray foam. Another tip from the editors from Fine Homebuilding and Green Building Advisor in their Spray Foam Tip Sheet was to consider experience when selecting a installer.

Although spray poylyurethane foam has many advantages over other types of insulation, spray foam insulation isn't foolproof. Some builders have reported problems with sloppy foam installation. For example, some unlicensed installers have been known to begin spraying before the chemical components or surfaces being sprayed are warm enough; this can affect component mixing and foam performance. When components are poorly mixed, or mixed in the wrong ration or at the wrong temperature, cured foam can have problems. Some unqualified installers rush through their spraying, resulting in voids.

Icynene has spoken many times about the importance of seeking a licensed installer and what to consider when choosing your installer. The Engineering and Technical Services team at Icyene are always on hand to answer any of your questions about your project and what to consider when using spray foam insulation in your project.

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