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FAQ - How will my spray foam contractor address spraying "off-ratio"?

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Should I worry about my Icynene spray foam applicator making a mistake and spraying my foam insulation “off ratio”?

No. Icynene’s equipment is designed to avoid “off ratio” spraying, and testing shows that “off ratio” Icynene spray foam does not present a safety concern.

An “off ratio” condition is said to occur when the two components of the spray foam (Side A and Side B) are mixed and sprayed in a ratio other than 1 to 1. This might happen when, for example, a chemical delivery hose becomes clogged during active spraying. However, there are three fundamental reasons why you should not worry about “off ratio” foam in your  house.

  1. Spray foam equipment used by Icynene dealers is designed to automatically shut off whenever the foam mixture ratio deviates significantly from 1 to 1.
  2. Off ratio foam is obvious and easily seen because it looks and sprays very poorly causing a severe drop in foam quality and sprayer productivity. So sprayers will very quickly notice foam that is off ratio and bring the ratio back to 1 to 1.
  3. Icynene modified spray equipment so as to intentionally spray Icynene foam in an extremely off ratio condition for relatively long periods of time. Samples of this off ratio foam were subject to rigorous testing, just as with conventionally sprayed foam. Just as with conventionally-sprayed Icynene foam, releases from the off ratio Icynene spray foam dissipated sufficiently for re-occupancy within the 24-hour vacancy period.

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