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FAQ - What training do Icynene spray foam applicators receive?

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Get the answers to your questions about spray foam insulation from Icynene.

I’ve heard that poorly trained spray foam applicators can cause problems. What training do Icynene spray foam applicators receive?

Icynene certified dealers are the best trained installers in the spray foam insulation industry. There are several reasons you should have confidence in Icynene trained and certified  sprayers versus other non-Icynene sprayers:

  1. For more than 20 years, Icynene has required Icynene dealers’ sprayers to undergo comprehensive, person-to-person training on the proper handling and application of Icynene products. Within the spray foam insulation industry, Icynene is highly regarded for its sprayer training program.
  2. Every day, spray trainers from Icynene’s Technical Support team travel throughout North America to strengthen the knowledge and skill of our dealers’ sprayers. This training occurs  with dealers’ actual equipment on actual spray jobs. You might very well notice Icynene Technical Support team members present on your Icynene spray job at your own home or  business.
  3. The spray foam industry as a whole has recently made great strides in the area of sprayer training with respect to the health and safety of all concerned: sprayers, sprayer helpers, home and building occupants, other construction trades, etc. Many training resources are now available:
    • The American Chemistry Council in Washington, D.C., has developed on-line training on safe and healthy chemical handling in both English and Spanish. Icynene requires all employees and dealer personnel take this training prior to going to a job site.
    • The Spray Foam Coalition has developed a number of plain-language, best practice guides on topics ranging from the safe and healthy installation of spray foam insulation to proper ventilation on the job site.
    • A Professional Certification Program similar to Icynene’s own first-rate dealer training is now offered through the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) – this organization is comprised of more than 1000 spray foam insulation contractors, including those offering Icynene products.
  4. Finally, Icynene is unique in the spray foam industry in that we sell only and directly to certified Icynene dealers who have been trained and approved directly by Icynene. Unlike most of our competitors, we refuse to sell our products to non-approved contractors, nor do we sell through third-party distributors (who then can sell to untrained contractors or to anyone else). This company policy enables Icynene to tightly control the contractors who spray Icynene products.

Get more answers to your questions by downloading our free FAQs booklet and be confident in the health and safety behind Icynene spray foam insulation. You can also download our free eBook here.


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