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Did you know that up to 40% of a building’s energy loss can be attributed to air leakage? It is estimated that the cracks and gaps in a home – which can equate to the size of a basketball - can leak enough air to fill two blimps every day. With such significant air leakage losses occurring every day, it is important help your clients source energy efficient materials that minimize excessive energy consumption while living comfortably.

Most of a home’s energy loss is through the ceilings, walls and floors while doors, ducts and fireplaces also are significant contributors to energy loss. Energy efficient insulation like that available from Icynene works ideally since it is both an insulation and air barrier material.

An adequate air barrier is required to prevent airborne moisture from infiltrating a building. Air leakage is a major contributor to moisture infiltration that can lead to harmful mold growth. Icynene spray foam, which expands up to 100 times its size when applied, provides an effective air barrier thus allowing construction teams build an air tight, healthy building.

Educating your clients about air leakage is an opportunity to help them strive for energy efficient and comfortable living. And while each design is different and has different insulation needs, energy efficient insulation helps noticeably reduce energy costs as well as offer a differentiator to your designs and offering.

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