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Green homes becoming top priority for homeowners

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Living green is fast becoming a top priority for homeowners across the U.S.  The increase in requests by homeowners who are becoming knowledgeable in what energy efficient products are available has seen more builders and architects readily offer these services.

Production home builders are also offering homeowners the potential to create an efficient home by including the specifications of green products such as insulation. Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming the number one choice amongst the top production home builders across the country due to its multiple benefits.

Specifying spray foam insulation into a production home, allows homeowners to save on their heating and cooling costs each month and over the long-term this can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Combined with other green technologies such as low flow water products, Energy Star rated appliances and occupancy sensors, homeowners can live green all year round.

The U.S Green Building Council has created a comprehensive Green Home Guide website which offers homeowners a myriad of tips and information about green living. This website is a fantastic resource that offers homeowners the opportunity to ask questions unique to their situation, find professionals that offer ‘green services’ within their local area as well as check out any programs that they may be eligible for.

Production home builders including specifications for spray foam insulation also combine the modern material with other systems. Speaking to your local production home builder will help provide insight into how your clients can live green.

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