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Healthier Buildings: Air Leakage and Vapor Diffusion

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While air and moisture control is imperative to contributing to the creation of a healthier building, so too are measures pertaining to air leakage and vapor diffusion.

An adequate air barrier is required to prevent airborne moisture from infiltrating a building. Air leakage is a major contributor to moisture infiltration that can lead to harmful mold  growth. Icynene spray foam insulation, which expand into cracks and gaps when applied, provides an effective air barrier thus allowing construction teams build an air tight, healthy building.

Vapor diffusion, the process by which water vapor moves slowly through materials, is an important consideration for architects and construction builders. In certain climates, materials that allow some vapor diffusion are important since they help to reduce the potential for moisture build up in a building assembly.

Icynene’s light density spray foam products provide a vapor permeable air barrier for the building. Being vapour permeable, moisture can diffuse through the insulation thereby facilitating drying of the building envelope. This makes Icynene's light density spray foam well suited for many applications. In particular, it is ideal for application in walls and unvented attics in hot, humid climates such as those in the southern states of the United States, or anywhere vapor diffusion is advantageous to the design of the building envelope.

Air leakage and vapor diffusion considerations by designers helps ensure a healthier building starts from design and ends in a well built structure that lasts for the long-term.

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