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Houston deemed 2nd hottest market for 2014 by ULI

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Houston is the second hottest market for 2014 say ULI

The Houston, TX housing market shows no signs of slowing down and homeowner demand has turned the market into the 2nd hottest for home building prospects. The report by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) puts Houston as 2nd for home build prospects and 3rd for development. Only San Francisco is ranked higher.  With such demand, savvy homeowners are making informed choices with their insulation – spray foam or fiberglass  - for the Houston climate.

For prospective Houston home buyers getting into the housing market, the competition and demand puts the power into their hands. Innovative and leading home builders such as Meritage Homes are taking energy efficient home building to the next level particularly when it comes to aspects such as insulation. For homeowners questioning whether they should choose spray foam or fiberglass for their Houston home, builders like Meritage Homes are showcasing how spray foam insulation provides immediate and long-term efficiency benefits that help buyers save money.  

When homeowners across Houston, and indeed Texas, are deciding on what they want in their homes, building experts recommend thinking beyond just the “glamorous” elements such as counter tops and appliances. When it comes to insulation ideal for the Houston area, spray foam or fiberglass, the answer is easy. Take a look at the facts below:

  • Spray foam insulation expands up to 100 times its size to fill in every nook and cranny to provide insulating and air sealing value
  • Spray foam insulation can meet the tough new building codes stipulated by local, state and even federal governments
  • Spray foam keeps pollutants and irritants out for help create a healthier indoor environment
  • Gravity leads traditional insulation to potentially settle over time compromising the performance of the insulation. Icynene spray foam insulation stays in place for the life of the building.
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