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How to ensure you have the most qualified spray foam contractor

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How to ensure you have the most qualified spray foam contractor - Icynene

There’s been plenty of healthy discussion recently within the building community about the growing prevalence of spray foam insulation and its proper application. Spray foam insulation has become an increasing popular choice for homeowners looking to create an air-tight home, minimize energy consumption as well as save some of their hard-earned cash. And while the demand for this modern marvel is increasing, so too is the unfortunate opportunism of unqualified spray foam contractors who can do more harm than good, including poor installation.

In May, the Spray Foam Coalition spoke about the importance of working with a qualified professional contractor, emphasizing that spray foam was not a DIY product. The Spray Foam Coalition even went as far as to recommend that homeowners ask their spray foam contractors about their experience, training, insurance and licenses.  Part of its role, the Spray Foam Coalition, an organization made up of spray foam-related companies, champions the use of spray polyurethane foam in building applications, its benefits and its safe application across the United States.

Being a highly technical product, the arguments around unqualified spray foam contractors has real weight behind them. Unqualified contractors can deliver poor results that do not meet the local energy codes and do not perform as the unsuspecting homeowner expects. These unqualified individuals not only tarnish the reputation of the product itself, but the industry as a whole. As one of the largest spray foam manufacturers in the industry, Icynene takes its training and licensing program incredibly seriously.

Icynene has always been a strong advocate of quality trained and licensed contractors and has specifically maintained a limited and select distribution strategy to have a network of spray foam contractors.

Over the next week, we'll be discussing what to consider to ensure that you have the most qualified spray foam contractor and what questions you should be asking your contractor when making the decision.

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