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How to insulate exterior walls – commercial projects

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Icynene in a continuous insulation application

When insulating the exterior walls of a commercial design project, a common approach is to specify rigid foam board. The most common material in this category is extruded foam board – XPS.  However, a superior option is closed-cell spray foam insulation. 

Offering a complete, cost-effective and superior performance solution for exterior commercial wall construction, spray foam products like Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco are ideal continuous insulation solutions for modern building designs.  It’s a faster, cheaper and better option for designers seeking to use premium products to achieve energy efficiency goals in their unique designs.

Why is Icynene closed cell spray foam a superior choice? Advantages include:

  • An all-in-one product: Insulation, air barrier and vapor retarder
  • Tight and complete seal over minimal required wall penetrations (brick ties)
  • Lower installed cost for a superior air barrier assembly
  • Easily applied to curved surfaces
  • Less labor and less material waste

The following video captures the performance and application advantages of closed-cell spray foam insulation in continuous insulation applications.



Interested in learning more? Access the free white paper “The Performance Benefits of using Medium Density Spray Foam in Continuous Insulation Applications” below.

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