How much does spray foam insulation cost?


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How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

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How much does spray foam insulation cost

'How much does spray foam insulation cost?' This is one of most typical questions architects and builders will be asked by their clients when they’ve been recommended the modern insulation solution. The answer is varied.  The cost of the spray foam insulation has a number of factors that influence the final price. For a general sense of what spray foam insulation costs, if you choose an open cell product the cost can be roughly about $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot.  A closed-cell insulation product can cost roughly $1.00 to $1.50 per board foot. These costs should be regarded as a guide only.

As with most building products, the cost of spray foam insulation will be influenced by different factors, such as: 

  • quantity
  • labor
  • type 
  • region.

Think about how the price of a car is influenced by the options, model and make you choose. For example, an entry level vehicle may start at $12,500 but when you factor in the extras such as metallic paint, automatic transmission, rear spoiler, speaker systems, etc. Then factor on-road delivery and state tariffs … the final sale price will have changed dramatically. As car buyers, we think similarly as home buyers, when purchasing something.  We want to invest in the best options available that will last, and perform as expected, for the long term. 

Focusing on the cost of spray foam insulation may initially deter some from investing in the insulation. Yet if you consider what influences the price, and think about the return on investment over the long-term, the cost of spray foam cost becomes a wise investment.

Possible savings with spray foam insulation


Help your clients understand the breakdown of the price of spray foam. The price of spray foam will be influenced by factors including:

  • Spray Foam Type: What kind of spray foam insulation is being used? Does the project require closed-cell insulation or can open-cell spray foam insulation be used? Open-cell spray foam insulation is cheaper than closed-cell and is as equally as effective in residential and commercial projects in providing thermal comfort, air-sealing and moisture management. In fact, open-cell spray foam can actually provide sound attenuation thanks to its soft, sponge-like texture.
  • Area: What are the total square feet/area being sprayed? Is the building being completely sprayed with Icynene spray foam insulation or is it only a new addition to the building that needs to be sprayed? Of course, a larger area needing to be insulation will have a higher initial investment than a smaller area, but again, think about the long-term return on investment with reduced energy consumption due to Icynene’s air sealing qualities.
  • Labor: Remember to factor in the price of the spray foam contractor’s labor. Unlike painting, spray foam insulation is not a DIY project and requires a certified professional to apply the material throughout the building envelope.  Investing in a certified spray foam contractor will also provide peace of mind.

While not an exhaustive list, it’s clear that the price of spray foam insulation can be varied and there is no one set price for the insulation product. It’s best to remind your clients that while there is a greater upfront investment for spray foam insulation than some of the cheaper insulation materials on the market, the dividends that spray foam insulation pays back immediately and over the long-term will provide a return on investment that will be appreciated by the client.

To find out how much it will cost to install ICYNENE in your home, contact your nearest ICYNENE licensed Dealer.

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