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How spray foam insulation can benefit hospital patients and staff?

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are complex hubs with an array of various activities occurring at any one time. Paramount to medical staff is the optimal care for their patients. The modern technologies and procedures found within a hospital or healthcare warrant equally modern surroundings. Architects with hospital projects can look to spray foam insulation as one of the best options that can provide long-term benefits to hospital patients and staff.

Architects can include spray foam insulation specifications for their hospital projects to help their healthcare clients achieve:

  • Improved energy efficiency leading to a reduction in heating and cooling costs
  • Right-sizing the building’s HVAC equipment due to reduced heating and cooling load requirements
  • Improved indoor air quality for patients and staff
  • Improved moisture management and control
  • Improved thermal comfort for patients and staff

Bethesda Hospital benefits from Icynene spray foam insulation - one of the best insulation types available

Selecting the best insulation product for hospitals comes down to understanding the clients needs and sourcing modern, efficient insulation materials that can perform as required.

Combined with other energy efficient technologies including geothermal heat pumps, solar PV or thermal and water saving technologies, the best hospital insulation can help clients work towards net-zero status and even work towards earning crucial LEED credits.

The best hospital insulation empowers architectural design firms to design without limitations and power to shape the future. Is spray foam effective in healthcare designs? The answer lies in the long-term payback and rewards that the clients receive when a solution like spray foam is specified into the design. Icynene’s Building Science team can talk about your individual design and speak to how you can include the insulation specifications for commercial buildings for spray foam into your design.

Architects can find Insulation specifications for hospitals and other commercial buildings on the Icynene website.

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