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Icynene rated first for quality for third consecutive year

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U.S builders rank Icynene number one as best quality insulation brand surpassing traditional insulation brands.

More than 2,850 builders have rated spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene number one for product quality across all insulation types for the third consecutive year, solidifying the manufacturer’s position as the insulation industry leader.

The results from Hanley Wood’s Builder Magazine 2013 Brand Use Study, which surveyed 2,854 builders between August and September 2012, confirmed Icynene as the best in quality for all insulation with an average ranking of 6.06, ahead of other internationally recognized brands. The recognition by builders further distinguishes spray foam insulation as the future of insulation.

“To be recognized for a third consecutive year as the number one insulation brand for quality is a tremendous honor and an incredible achievement. The result is testimony that builders trust Icynene because it is specifically dedicated to spray foam insulation solutions. Our commitment to the highest standards of building science research, product quality and innovation ensure that builders, architects and homeowners are using the best insulation available on the market,” said VP Marketing, Betsy Cosper.

“For three years, we have seen the Icynene brand consistently ranked number one in the Hanley Wood Builder Magazine study with the ranking average progressively increasing year over year. These results show that Icynene and its commitment to quality resonate within the industry and that people are looking for modern, energy efficient insulation options that go beyond what traditional insulation can offer,” said Mrs. Cosper.

The Builder Magazine 2013 Brand Use Study results follow a recent spate of recognition from within the industry including the Hot 50 Product for Icynene Classic Max™ by Green Builder Media, the Building Products Brand Survey award for Insulation - Interior by Peninsula Publishing and the SPF Innovation Award by Home Builder Executive Magazine.

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