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The importance of working with a licensed contractor

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Stories about poor workmanship and installation of spray foam insulation has left some homeowners dealing with spray foam nightmares. The technical and specialized application of spray foam insulation requires trained and licensed spray foam contractors.

The importance of working with a spray foam contractor is critical to ensure that you are getting a quality product that is properly installed according to the industry’s best practices. It is important to choose a spray foam contractor that is right for the job , has had the necessary training and is licensed by the spray foam manufacturer. 

When renovating their lakeside home, the Drehmer Family of Selkirk, Ontario did their homework and sought a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor to insulate their home.  The Drehmers share their experience in renovating a home from top to bottom as well as why it was important to them to work with a licensed spray foam contractor for a safe, and proper installation.

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