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Keeping your cool this summer with Icynene

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Keeping your cool with spray foam this summer

Now that summer has arrived, our natural instinct is to crank up the air conditioning to stay cool. But do you know that by doing so, you’re also increasing your cooling bill for the month? While trying to stay cool indoors, our air conditioners work overtime to replenish the expensive air that is lost due to air leakage.  It's also vital to know where your home is leaking money.  

Gaps and cracks in your home’s insulation coverage could be allowing all that expensively conditioned air to escape to the outside. The high performance R-value of spray foam insulation can help you stay cool, but it's important to know that spray foam insulation air barrier also play an important role in limiting air loss and keeping you and your family comfortable.

Almost 100 million homes across the United States have some form of air conditioning unit. Each year, Americans spend roughly $11 billion to cool their homes. That’s a lot of money that gets lost to the outside. It also has a noticeable environmental impact with 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions coming from air conditioning.

This comprehensive infographic is a great resource describing our energy use in summer, how much it costs us every year as well as the impact it has on our everyday lives. Plus, it explains how Icynene spray foam insulation can help make a noticeable difference. 

Learn more about the R-value for spray foam insulation and how it, together with an air barrier, can help keep you cool this summer - and all year long!

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