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Lower HERS Rating = Better Home Efficiency

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A RESNET HERS Rater can assess your home's energy efficiency

A growing number of American homeowners are switching onto the idea of having a HERS Score available for their home. A HERS Index Score is the housing industry’s version of a MPG (miles-per-gallon) sticker. The score indicates how energy efficient the home truly is based on an assessment completed by a certified RESNET HERS Rater. The rater assesses variables such as:

  • All exterior walls (both above and below grade)

  • Floors over unconditioned spaces (like garages or cellars)

  • Ceilings and roofs

  • Attics, foundations and crawlspaces

  • Windows and doors, vents and ductwork

  • HVAC systems, water heating system, and your thermostat.

  • Air leakage of the home

  • Leakage in the heating and cooling distribution system

The lower the HERS Score, the better and more energy efficient the home is. The lower HERS Score means not only that the home is energy efficient but allows the homeowner to lower their energy costs, enjoy better home comfort and seize the opportunity for increased resale values when it comes time to sell their home.

Icynene recommends having a HERS Rater assess your home designs since it is often the best way to explain the benefits of air-sealing a home. Icynene works together with RESNET and their team of HERS Raters to explain to homeowners how they can create a more energy efficient home through spray foam insulation.

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