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The Money Pit's Tom Kraeutler experiences first hand the advantages of Icynene spray foam insulation

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Tom Kraeutler, host of The Money Pit, used Icynene spray foam insulation in his historic home renovation, energy efficiency, energy efficient, HVAC, heating and cooling equipment

In early 2014, home improvement expert Tom Kraeutler and his wife, Sue, embarked on a major renovation of their 128 year old family home. Built by his great-greatgrandfather in 1886, the couple sought to add value to their home as well as provide optimal comfort and performance so that it could be enjoyed by generations to come. Throughout its history, the home has undergone several improvements including a 1901 addition which now functions as the kitchen. In the 1980s, the home was insulated with traditional fibreglass material, but over time, the insulating material left the home drafty, cold and poorly insulated.

Having encountered Icynene spray foam previously through his work as a home improvement expert and host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Money Pit®, Tom recognized the immediate and on-going  benefits of the modern insulation material. The home’s existing traditional insulation had left the kitchen area typically 10-15 degrees colder throughout winter and warmer in summer than the rest of the home. Additionally, the prevalance of drafts throughout the home meant that the HVAC equipment was constantly running to compensate for the air leaking out of the home.

Tom and Sue decided to incorporate spray foam insulation into their renovation project in four primary areas of the home: the 1901 kitchen addition, two flat roof spaces, a second story attic and box beams at the foundation perimeter. Since the renovation project included a major roof replacement, the spraying of the foam insulation had to be timed with the removal of the original roof layers and the re-sheathing and re-roofing. The roof had to be stripped top down to avoid any damage to the lower roofs from falling debris.









Licensed Icynene dealer, Coastal Insulation worked closely with the couple, keeping them updated and informed along the way. The crews removed all the existing traditional insulation and sprayed Icynene Classic™ spray foam insulation onto the flat roofs. The flat roofs were then re-sheathed and re-roofed.

Following the completion of work on the flat roofs, all sheathing was removed from the roof of the 1901 kitchen addition. Removal of the sheathing proved to be a little trickier since the roof area includes a wrap-around porch with parts of the wrap-around converted into living space by the family. Nevertheless, the crews worked tirelessly to remove the sheathing and apply Icynene open cell, light density spray foam into the open bays and across the ceiling of the kitchen area. Finally, the Coastal Insulation crew carried out the work on the upper attic and box beams two weeks after the initial roofing work had been completed.

Immediately, Tom and Sue noticed a difference in their home as a result of having Icynene spray foam insulation installed. The morning after the kitchen roof application, the couple noticed the living space was equally as comfortable as the rest of the home and maintained the right temperature. Several weeks following the installation, the home is able to hold temperatures better and drafts have been eliminated. Both Tom and Sue expect to see a noticeable reduction in their heating and cooling costs in the coming year thanks to the air sealing and insulating qualities of Icynene spray foam insulation.

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