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More reasons to specify closed-cell spray foam over rigid foam board insulation

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Why choose closed cell spray foam over rigid foam board insulation in continuous insulation applications

Today’s modern commercial buildings require high performance building materials to optimize functionality and energy efficiency.  When compared to traditional alternatives available in the market, such as rigid foam board, spray foam insulation is a modern approach to continuous insulation that allows architects to push the envelope in design and creativity. Below are additional reasons why closed-cell spray foam is the superior choice for continuous insulation applications in commercial building design.

Read last week's blog post about reasons to choose closed-cell spray foam over rigid foam board insulation.  The infographic below also quickly highlights key reasons to specify closed cell spray foam in continuous insulation applications.

Less material waste
As mentioned last week, rigid foam board must be cut to fit into corners and around curved walls, inevitably leading to material waste.  Additionally, rigid foam board can be difficult to install into narrow spaces which could compromise the building’s overall performance and functionality.  Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, is applied in a continuous, even and smooth manner and is able to deliver an air tight seal around conventional brick tie penetrations allowing it to maximize performance.

Suitable for year round application
Another key benefit of closed-cell insulation is that it can be installed year round. Icynene ProSeal closed-cell spray foam insulation can be installed in temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit while the 100% water-blown Icynene ProSeal Eco can be installed in weather as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  When considering these advantages, it is clear that compared to rigid board panels, Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco offer an ideal continuous insulation solution for modern commercial buildings making it the superior choice.

If you are still using rigid foam board, we have one question - why?


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