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New HERS Index online tool promotes energy efficient living

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New HERS Index online tool makes it easier to become energy efficient

RESNET has unveiled their newest online HERS Index tool making it easier for architects and builders to work towards a lower HERS Index for residential builds. The new website allows builders who are already EnergySmart builders to showcase their energy efficient homes as well as allows homeowners gain a better insight into what the index is, what it means to their home and the immense value it can add to their home.

Energy ratings such as the HERS Index are a fantastic and compelling way to show how Icynene spray foam insulation makes a difference to the energy efficiency of a home. Icynene works with RESNET and their team of HERS raters to show homeowners how they can create a more energy efficient home using Icynene spray foam insulation.

What is the HERS Index?
Similar to a miles-per-gallon rating on a car, the HERS Index illustrates home performance in a way that homeowners can understand. A HERS Rates provides and assessment and rating of the house as it is and then cost-effective energy upgrade recommendations, and more importantly, estimates annual total energy costs for an existing home before and after upgrades.

The new HERS Index online tool can be accessed here.



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