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New web-based NFPA285 compliant wall assembly tool on

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Build NFPA285-compliant wall assemblies

Icynene has launched a new web-based, interactive wall assembly tool that allows architects and specifiers to build NFPA285 compliant assemblies for upcoming commercial projects.

Offering more than 750 possible NFPA285 compliant wall assemblies, the new web tool allows architects and specifiers to better understand how Icynene’s portfolio of open and closed cell spray foam insulation products can be integrated into commercial designs.

The tool guides users through an easy five-step process that builds the wall assembly complete with interior and exterior insulation options based on the most common wall types and cladding façades. The tool allows architects who typically source XPS rigid foam board as an exterior insulation solution to explore more cost-effective spray foam insulation alternatives. Additionally, the tool allows users to download a PDF of their completed wall assemblies as well as enables them to engage directly with Icynene’s Engineering and Building Science teams for additional support specific to their own designs.

Access the Web Tool here.

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