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Profile: "Living Building" Production Plant

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Czech production plant uses Icynene light density spray foam insulation

In the heart of the Czech Republic’s South Morvian Region, licensed Icynene contractor LIKO-S works with clients to develop high-performance pre-fabricated buildings known as ‘Living Buildings’. Tailored to suit the individual needs of each client, LIKO-S has built a series of ‘Living Buildings’ in a variety of building types including offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, car dealerships and even parking garages. The adaptability of these buildings allows clients to design a structure that not only features the latest energy efficiency materials and solutions but also allows them to use a multitude of different materials without breaking the bank.

The team designed and built their new production plant using a variety of different materials and finishes to emphasize how flexible their patented system truly is. The patented prefabricated wall systems feature Icynene’s open-cell light density spray foam product. Ideal for both residential and commercial construction, Icynene's classic open cell foam has a
soft, flexible composition that maintains an air seal all year round, even after seasonal expansion and contraction.  Furthermore, the spray foam is able to adhere to a broad range of substrates in a wide range of weather conditions, making it an ideal complement to the prefabricated wall system.

Constructed in a record time of only 45 days, the new production plant has a floor space of 7,750 sq. ft. and features an array of external materials including grass.

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