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Profile: Loire Valley winery uses spray foam insulation to insulate wine cellars

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A Sancerre winery in France's Loire Valley equipped with Icynene spray foam insulation

Domaine Vincent Pinard, one of the oldest and most renowned wineries in France’s famed Loire Valley region, became interested in preserving their cellars with spray foam insulation to better regulate the temperatures needed for the wine-making process.

The winery practices a stringent environmentally friendly policy using organic and biological harvesting methods. The choice of spray foam insulation and its energy efficient offering fit in perfectly with the winery’s green philosophy.

In October 2012, Icynene spray foam contractor, Durabilis Isolation, worked alongside local architect, Patrice Lacour, to ensure that the Domaine Vincent Pinard wine cellars could indeed be insulated with spray foam insulation. Their top priority was to ensure the development of the wine was not affected by the inclusion of the spray foam.

Durabilis Isolation consulted Vect’Oeur, the Wine and Environment Research and Expertise Center, to conduct an analysis on how the installation of spray foam insulation would affect the wine making process, if at all. Researchers at Vect’Oeur determined that the inclusion of spray foam insulation in the wine cellars did not adversely affect the wine. The result paved the way for the Durabilis Isolation to apply the modern insulation material in wineries across France.

Around 4,111 sq. ft of Icynene Classic Plus open cell, light density spray foam insulation was installed in the cellar roof space and a further 1,539 sq. ft. of spray foam was installed in the cellar walls to meet the local building code requirements.

The inclusion of the open-cell light density Icynene Classic Plus spray foam insulation was ideal for use in the cellars since the material helps maintain the correct temperatures for the wine. Furthermore, the spray foam insulation protects the wine from outside particles that can potentially impact the taste of the wine as it ages.

In some areas of the cellar, the spray foam insulation was coated with black paint to help create a dark and dry, almost cave-like space to further help protect the wine and its aging process.

As a result of the spray foam application, Domaine Vincent Pinard continues to produce top quality wines and has married insulation innovation together with the latest innovations in wine production.


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