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Profile: North Carolina Family Home

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Parker Falls Home in North Carolina features Icynene spray foam insulation

Completed in Spring 2013, the 4100sq. ft. custom home, close to Falls Lake and Falls Lake Recreation Area in Raleigh, NC features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a full gourmet kitchen, office as well as two bonus rooms.

The home sits on one-acre parcel of land and was designed to feature open concept living spaces to allow each of the four family members have their own quiet space as well as a communal space where they could host friends and family. The owners wanted to create their dream home packed with everything they ever wanted in a home, after living in a 25-year old home which had exhorbitant $300-a-month heating and cooling costs. With plans to live in the home for the longterm, the design had to incorporate products
and features that contributed to a superior quality of living making it a place the entire family wanted to be in.

The owners looked at a range of insulation options including traditional fibreglass batt insulation  and blown-in blanket (BIBS) insulation but opted to have Icynene spray foam insulation installed in the home due to its reputation for performance and quality. Local licensed Icynene contractors Prime Energy Group, were approached to work with the home owners to install Icynene Classic™ (LD-C-50™) spray foam insulation.

Just days after the installation, contractors began the drywall process which was the true indictor that the owners had made the right choice. Contractors used heating equipment to help speed along  the drywall drying process. The following day the owners had visited the construction site to inspect the progress and noticed the home was still warm thanks to the Icynene product.

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