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Project Profile: Church of the Holy Guardian Angels

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In the heart of the Kromeríž District in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic, the Church of the Holy Guardian Angels in the small village of Kyselovice recently went an extensive renovation in order to protect the church from falling into disrepair. 

The church serves as a central point for the 493 people living the village and sits proudly in the main square. Built between 1904 and 1906 in a neo-gothic style, the church’s bell tower reaches a height of 37m (40yd). An important building within the small village, licensed Icynene spray foam contractor, LIKO-S, A.S. was asked to provide an insulation solution to both insulate and help protect the church. 

The spray foam crew worked with local contractors to provide a light density spray foam solution that would address the key areas of concern. The LIKO-S spray foam crew applied Icynene Classic light density spray foam on top of the church’s vaulting from the hanging footbridge as well as the belfry - an area said to be inhabited by ghosts - to help provide protection and insulating value to the church. 

Following the extensive renovation work, the Church of the Holy Guardian Angels will continue to stand proudly in the center of Kyselovice and serve as a central point for the villagers. 

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