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Project Profile: Continuous Insulation Application featuring Icynene spray foam

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Icynene used in a continuous insulation application for educational facilities

Icynene ProSeal closed cell spray foam was used in an exterior wall continuous insulation application for two large high schools in the growing city of Fishers, Indiana.

A rapidly growing student population led the Hamilton Southeastern School District to embark on a $95million expansion project for its two high schools - Hamilton Southestern High School and Fishers High School. Seeking to increase student capacity in both schools to 3700 students, the project saw major additions to existing buildings as well as the construction of several new buildings at both sites.

The design-build project features mostly non-traditional classrooms that can be adapted to suit the style of teaching or the subject, as well as a seniors cafeteria, a cafe and 3D/2D
computer art labs.

In the design process, architectural firm, Fanning-Howey had specified a spray foam insulation exterior application to the project’s general contractor, Shiel Sexton.

A three-in-one solution – insulation, air barrier and vapor retarder – closed-cell spray foam insulation smoothly and completely covers all areas that could otherwise provide energy draining thermal bridges. The end result is a total high-performance wall assembly solution, ideal for teaching and learning environments such as classrooms.

Approached by Shiel Sexton, licensed Icynene spray foam contractor Superior Insulation recommended using Icynene ProSeal spray foam insulation on the exterior. The spray
crew set to apply the medium density on the exterior of the buildings in an continuous insulation application. In such applications, closed cell spray foam is able to deliver an air tight
seal around conventional brick tie penetrations.

Completion of the design-build project is expected by Fall 2015.


Want to know more about closed-cell spray foam in continuous insulation applications? Download the free white paper!

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1. Icynene Inc. would like to thank Icynene contractor, Superior Insulation Co. for their assistance with this document.  Photographs supplied by Superior Insulation Co.
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