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Reasons to Use Light-Density, Open-Cell Spray Foam (Part 1)

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Reason One: Open-Cell spray foam creates an effective air barrier for optimal building performance

A 2009 Wall Energy Rating (WER) study shows that without an air barrier, insulation alone cannot provide optimal energy efficiency and comfort for occupants. Such findings have now led to air barriers becoming a critical part of building code and industry standards such as ASHRAE 90.1.

Of the insulation and air barrier alternatives studied, light-density spray foam was deemed as the most effective air barrier material. Light-density, open-cell spray foam:

  • has the highest expansion rate of any spray foam insulation product. The expansion rate of 100 to 1 allows it to fill and seal every crack and crevice
  • has the widest application range in terms of temperature and humidity
  • doesn’t trap moisture allowing it to escape and thereby dry adjacent materials such as drywall

For commercial projects, open-cell spray foam insulation delivers optimal building performance by providing insulation and air barrier to control conductive heat loss, help eliminate convective heat and moisture flow in wall and ceiling cavities as well as control air leakage.

There are more reasons why commercial architects should consider using light-density, open-cell spray foam in commercial building projects. Also, Icynene’s Building Science and Engineering teams can discuss with you how you can successfully use open-cell spray foam in your current designs.

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