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Reasons to Use Light-Density, Open-Cell Spray Foam (Part 2)

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Reason Two: Open-Cell Spray Foam is cost effective

The high yield of light-density spray foams makes it more cost effective than other alternatives on the market. Yield – that is the measure of a foam’s expansion capability – of a light-density spray foam is three to four times higher (100:1 versus 30:1) than a medium-density spray foam. This high yield makes it more cost effective solution to maximize the air barrier benefits of spray foam.

Architects and designers in colder climates (for instance, most of Canada and Zones 5 to 8 in the United States) often still select medium-density spray foam thinking that they require its vapour diffusion retarder properties. But using a vapour retarder paint primer on the drywall or light-density open-cell spray foam in the wall can provide the code-required vapour diffusion control and take advantage of open-cell’s drying potential.

There are more reasons why commercial architects should consider using light-density, open-cell spray foam in commercial building projects. Also, Icynene’s Building Science and Engineering teams can discuss with you how you can successfully use open-cell spray foam in your current designs.

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