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RESNET to adopt changes to Rating Quality Assurance Standards

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RESNET to adopt changes to Rating Quality Assurance Standards

It was announced this week that on December 4th the RESNET Board adopted the recommended amendments proposed back in June 2011. The amendments accepted by the Board will be effective in the new year from January 4th 2014.

Amongst miscellanous editorial changes, the following changes were accepted:

Chapter 1

  • Change in the name of “Rating Providers” to “QA Providers”
  • Clarification of Rater Candidate requirements
  • Updated recertification requirements for Rating Field Inspectors
  • Creation of a Rater ID card to be issued by QA Providers
  • Minimum requirements for written rater discipline procedures
  • Added language for the new RESNET National Buildings Registry

Chapter 4

  • Removed Chapter Four because BOP’s are no longer in Standards

Chapter 9

  • Clarify RESNET’s QA responsibilities of QA Providers
  • Updated quality assurance file and field review requirements for sampled ratings
  • Updated quality assurance field review requirements for Rating Field Inspectors
  • Clarified corrective action requirements for non-compliant QA reviewed ratings
  • Clarification of QA Designee requirements
  • Updated language and formatting to clarify Ethics and Appeals Committee status as a standalone Committee
  • Clarification of RESNET recognition requirements for Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Moved QA Requirements for CEQ Providers from Chapter 10 to Chapter 9

Icynene works with RESNET through its HERS Rating program. Icynene recommends having a HERS Rater assess your home designs since it is often the best way to explain the benefits of air-sealing a home. Icynene works together with RESNET and their team of HERS Raters to explain to homeowners how they can create a more energy efficient home through spray foam insulation.

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