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Is spray foam the best insulation for a university or college?

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The dated design and construction of an older university or college building can excessively consume energy leading to higher than normal heating and cooling costs. Essential for these institutions nowadays is energy efficiency. Yet with restricted budgets, some universities need to be smarter about how they can create positive and effective centers for learning.

Air leakage can have a significant impact on the efficiency of a building. Up to 30% of the air leakage that occurs within an older building can come from the walls, floors and ceiling, so it’s ideal that university management consider smart alternatives to stem the excessive air leakage and the energy consumption.  Using the best insulation for university buildings can have a significant impact on the learning environment for students. Design specifications that include spray foam insulation for universities can effectively address air leakage plus help minimize excessive energy use.

The best insulation for universities, spray foam helps address energy efficiency.

Architects and designers are being challenged by universities to seek energy efficient alternatives in their unique and complex designs such as seeking insulation specifications for universities or colleges for the best university insulation. For architects (and even architectural students) considering energy efficient materials such as spray foam insulation, high efficiency HVAC systems and energy efficient windows are taking university designs into the future and are actively working to create positive learning environments.

Icynene spray foam insulation is one solution that architects can use in their university designs to achieve optimal energy efficiency due to its ability to create an air seal around the building’s envelope to minimize air leakage. Insulation specifications for universities can be found online and Icynene’s Building Science team is always available to help.


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